Top 5 places not to buy a massage chair

  • Craigslist

craigslistAt Craigslist, you will able to buy various types of goods; however a massage chair is not your option at this place. One of the reasons is that only “original owner” get warranty from manufacturer if purchasing at Craigslist.

  • State Fairs and Conventions

State Fairs and Conventions
State Fairs and Conventions

At the State Fairs and Conventions, it would be the best time for you to try different chairs with the first-hand “touch and feel”. However, the quality of chairs at a fair is not guaranteed. Many distributors, dealers of massage chair go to the State Fairs and Conventions to make a quick buck. Plus, the price of chairs is likely higher than normal. So at a fair, it is better to buy a “corn dog”, not luxurious items like massage chair.

  • eBay


As a general rule, eBay is the place where the massage chairs with expiring warranty, poor customer support or discontinued massage chair are sold. Therefore, beware of massage chairs at eBay with an investment like a massage chair you want to be safe, not sorry.

  • Coupon Websites

Coupon Websites

The manufacturers don’t encourage their customers to purchase from Coupon Websites. Fake coupons are posted to cheat the customers on the Coupon Websites and it is the way for them to make money.

  • From a Friend

From a Friend

Just in case your friend is going to buy a new massage chair exchanging for his old one, you are able to get it if you love that chair. However, most of the time, you don’t have warranty during the usage of his chair. So, if you have a problem with your chair, you have to pay for its repair and maintenance

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So You need a Massage Chair…….What’s next?

Okay, you know the overall benefits of a massage chair and you think it’s time to have one for yourself for relaxation and strong body massaging.  Well, it’s always a good thing to look after your body and using the massage chair is one sure way to keep your stress levels at a very low rate. But before taking that buying decision, you may want to consider certain things. Understand that massage chairs come in different sizes and designs and it is important to select the most ideal one that effectively meets your needs.  If you are ready to buy a best massage chair, below are some key features you need to look out for in order to obtain the ideal chair suitable for your needs.

best massage chair

Consider the Right Features

how massage chair work


There are some massage chairs with basic features and there are others with extra features too. Usually, the more the features the more money you may spend on the massage chair. So, it is important to critically consider what you need in a massage chair and what you don’t need. This way, you will spend your money wisely and obtain the massage chair with only the features you need for comfort and relaxation.  It is of no use paying a high price for a massage chair with the entire sophisticated feature when you only need to massage some areas in your back and neck. So, consider your needs and settle for the massage chair that can provide such needs without adding extra benefits that may increase your budget.

If you suffer from neck and shoulder aches, invest in a specific program massage chair

Massage Chair program

It is absolutely right to invest in a special purpose massage chair if you want to get relief from pains in your neck, back or shoulder. These special purpose massage chairs are designed with particular programs to provide a soothing effect on the affected areas. Some of them are designed with airbags in the leg area for people who experience pains in the leg or extremities in the muscles. The most ideal massage chairs are designed with airbags to support all possible areas of the body. Some others even provide a raised foot rest which may be comfortable for individuals who are accustomed to sitting on a chair with their legs raised.  In essence, consider the massage chair that provides relief for the specific part of body you need to massage.

Quality of materials also matters

Quality of materials also matters

When you want to buying a best massage chair, consider the type of material and the overall composition of the product. Economy chairs usually provide a foam system with only two levels. Although this may provide comfort at the initial stage, an extended use may result to a break down and a gradual depreciation.  But the high end massage chairs incorporate three-level systems which can withstand everyday use for a considerable number of years. So, if you are only going to use the chair occasionally, an economy chair may serve you well. But if you want to use it frequently or for commercial purpose, you need to consider the high end chairs that are more durable than their economy counterparts.

Finally, the frame of the chair is also very important. You need to settle for a chair with a strong frame, otherwise you will be going for repairs in a short while after your purchase.


Massage chairs are important gadgets that can help us maintain our health and keep us rejuvenated after a long day at the office.  Whenever you want to buy one, consider the above tips and you will definitely select the most ideal product that effectively meets your needs.

Electric Fireplaces – The Good Heat

There is nothing like the warm glow of a fire to give a room character, warmth and a homey feel. However, there are some homes, be they freestanding or apartments, which do not have that luxury. Some individuals remodel and rebuild to include a traditional fireplace in their home, costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars, but there is an easier and more economical way to bring the warmth and glow of a fireplace into your home. That way is an electric fireplace. Having a fireplace in a living room or family room is traditional and most, if not all, homes are built that way. With an electric fireplace you can now enjoy the glow and warmth anywhere in your home from the bedroom to the kitchen, just roll it in and plug it into any standard outlet. If you do not own the place where you are living, having an electric fireplace is a good choice because when you move, you can take the fireplace with you to your new place and always have the warmth and glow of a fire.

Electric Fireplace Living Room

Benefits of using Electric Fireplace

Today’s electric fireplaces are nothing compared to earlier models in that they are now very energy efficient. The fireplace only uses as much electric power as that of a coffee pot or any kitchen appliance. Further, they use up to one-third less energy than a gas fireplace and do not emitted any possible harmful fumes. The heat that an electric fireplace puts out is comparable if not better than a standard space heater, but is much more stylish. The heat can be controlled by a thermostat so one can achieve the perfect warmth they are looking for. The fireplace can also be installed in a room if you wish or you can have a model that rolls around from room to room. There is no smoke, no wood, no gas and no fumes to be concerned about. Further, since the fireplace does not require wood to give off heat, there is no need for wood in the home, which will also help keep the fireplace area less messy. The fireplace can heat up a room about the size of ten feet by ten feet quickly and cool down quickly so you do not have to worry about staying around to wait until the fireplace is cool to the touch. With an electric fireplace you can also just have to glow without the heat, which is perfect for warmer climates where a person would only want the ambiance of a fireplace. Also, the electric fireplace can just be unplugged and rolled into a closet or another room for the summer months when no longer needed.

Where can you buy an Electric Fireplace?

When searching for a new fireplace, you can check out any home improvement store as they will have a large selection to choose from. Further, if the home already has a non-working fireplace, an electric fireplace insert can also be purchased, install easily and give new life to an old fireplace. If you choose to use an electric fireplace insert, it will stay with the home if you move, but will give you the benefit of adding value to your home. Most models come with a remote control so it can be enjoyed from the comfort of a couch or wherever a person is sitting. The prices of the models can be extremely reasonable, but will go up in price depending on all of the additions one chooses to purchase.

Electric FirePlace Insert

They styles of mantels that are available in today’s market will suit just about everyone’s taste from classic Victorian style to a sleeker modern look. There is also a wide varity of materials that can be used that could not be used on a more traditional fireplace. Mantels can even be customizable. Installation is simple, push it up against a all and plug it in, thus does not require a major renovation to install and build an chimney, flue or any stone work that is normally associated with building a fireplace. An electric fireplace requires no permits and no hassles from an apartment or condominium association to install, just plug it in and you are ready to enjoy the glow of a crackling fireplace.

Although the flames do not act as real flames, they are holographic images that can be adjusted to brighter or dimmer to suit the glowing mood that one wishes to achieve. An electric fireplace is a good way to go if one wants the glow of a fireplace but does not want or cannot remodel their home.

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Advantages of Mulched leaves or mulched lawn Debris

What is the first thing that you do when you see dried leaves and the debris all over your garden? Clean them and the equipment that you would use is the leaf mulcher. Because it’s easy, quick and convenient way of cleaning.

Have you ever thought about the mulched lawn debris or the residues that is found after cleaning the whole garden? Will you throw it or reuse it?

Mulched leaves is not waste product it has great nutritional value and brings good yield on plants. Let’s list out some good uses of the mulched leaves and the lawn debris.

Increases soil fertility: The finely mulched leaves contains good quantity of nutrition. The mulches can be spread all across the lawn area or yard. The leaf mulches if comes in contact with the bare salt, decomposes quickly in the soil. If the soil has the active action of earthworms, then they pull the mulches into the soil and helps in soil mixture directly improving its fertility. The earth worms loves the leaves and they will help in eating each leaf and helping the soil decomposition and thus increasing its fertility.

Keeps the soil moist

lawn Debris

The soil in the yard needs to be moist and if the plants has to get the required minerals. Thus maintaining its water consistency is the priority. If you spread the leaf mulches on the yard, it will not allow the sunlight to fall directly on the bare soil and make it hard and dry. Thus, the soil remains fresh and moist. The mulched soil is always soft, nutritional and fertile and helps in the quick growth of plants bearing fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Minimizes soil erosion

Minimizes soil erosion

If a goods layer of mulch is spread across the yard and the lawn. It surely retains the soil fertility, moisture, temperature and also helps in retaining the soil from eroding. The mulches will avoid the soil erosion to a maximum extent.

Helps in the plant growth

Helps in the plant growth

The organic leaf mulches will show a good benefit on your yard and lawn area. A goof thick layer of mulch if spread on the yard area around the plants, trees and shrubs will help in cooling the soil and maintaining a cooler temperature. It also helps in storing all the water and minerals that is available in the soil. Thus, the soil remains healthy and ensures the plant growth. During summers, there is a high amount of soil erosion and evaporation, the layer of mulch will protect the soil from these and keeps the soil cool and fertile.

Keeps the yard clean

Keeps the yard clean

The mulched leaves can be used to layer the lawn and yard because it keeps the yard looking neat and beautiful. It also decreases the growth of unwanted plants and weeds and keeps the soil fertile and healthy. Try spreading a good thick layer of mulch in your garden and see the amazing difference that it makes to your lawn area.

It’s a recycling method

lawn drainage

Every time you see your lawn is filled with dried leaves and lawn debris, you just have to vacuum and mulch them and spread the mulches on your lawn. The process is circular and keeps going. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the disposal services and the mulch can be of good use to the yard. This is a recycling method and should be encouraged.

Mulching of leaves not only keeps your garden and yard clean, it also helps in the maintenance of the lawn fertility efficiently. You will surely be amazed with the benefits that they are for the soil.